April 2010

We are about three weeks ahead here, as far as Spring is concerned, and experiencing some pretty warm temperatures. No real "April showers" yet though, which would really help give my rhubarb that little extra push I think.

Still, be concerned about frost.

I am here, eventhough it has been warm. There has been frost early in the mornings, and I have learned the hard way not to uncover anything too early. So, if you think it could still be a concern, leave your plants covered and protected for awhile yet.

A few tips and reminders, courtesy of "Tipnut"

We know rhubarb is so juicy and full of water. So, when making a pure rhubarb compote, remember:

For 1 pound of rhubarb in your saucepan, just add one quarter cup of water. The amount of sugar you add is to your taste only. Start out with a half cup and adjust from there. Make sure it all gets dissolved during the boiling down process.

Also, don't mash it (unless you want to), stir gently.

Did you know...

Rhubarb goes very well with chocolate cake. And, it also serves as a great topping on plain gingerbread.

Rhubarb and ginger go very well together, that we know. Apparently it is going too well together in the UK.

Heard of Delia Smith?

As they say, Delia has been causing quite a "rhubarb" in the last week.

Delia Smith, famous as a UK TV Chef, Teacher and Author announced this week her recipe for Rhubarb and Ginger Brulee.

"Waitrose" (retail supermarket) sold out of their rhubarb so fast, and couldn't apparently get more. The reason was attributed to cold temperatures that affected the UK outdoor and forced rhubarb supplies this season.

Waitrose opted to order from Germany, and bring in what growers refer to as an "inferior" rhubarb, because it has been treated with an acid that affects growth. This has UK growers fuming, and they are upset that "Delia" chose to announce this recipe at a time like this.

Well, public reaction is very mixed.

Some people agree with the growers.

Some people don't care what kind of rhubarb they use, as long as they can get it somewhere. And some don't care where it comes from, or what has been done to it "artificially."

Anyway, this whole thing is being referred to as the "Delia Effect."

If you want to visit Delia, and check out this recipe that has everyone clearing the shelves, visit

Delia Online

I have a rhubarb creme brulee on the site which simply adds a spoonful of ground ginger into the cream. Whether this works just as well, not sure. But, you can try it if you like by visiting Champagne Rhubarb .

Tell me what you think, if you compare the two.

As usual at this time of year, I gladly post Rhubarb Festivals, and continue to correct pending dates.

I also continue to hope someone might have a blurb to share about one they attend annually, or are especially looking forward to for the first time. They seem to be pretty popular.

It's easy to do, if you have a moment.

Your Rhubarb Festival Story

Until next time,




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