Colorful Petunia-Rhubarb
From Veggie Tales

Petunia-rhubarb and the gang from Veggie Tales provide all types of entertainment for kids in many forms mainly in a computerized format of animated films for children.  Most people (with children) are quite familiar with this loveable group, as they've been around for some time now.  

Incidentally, these veggie characters in human form live in the kitchen on the counter-top.  

So, who is this family of veggies
and where did they originate?

Their creators describe themselves as everyday-parents with kids, parents who are concerned about what the children of today are watching, and whose focus is on everyday life's values and lessons based on Christian moral themes with references to biblical themes.  They want to provide children with positive life messages. 

The shows normally start out with Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber bringing to light a moral issue and they then go from there with silly fun songs, and a suggestion or solution to the issue provided in a video.  

There are many characters to meet.

Petunia-Rhubarb is only one.  There's Pa Grape, Archibald and Junior Asparagus, Laura the Carrot and Jimmy Gourd to name a few.  

The Veggie Tales Gang

veggie tales dvd

Photo Courtesy of Alisha - Flickr

These delightful "people" will delight you in many forms through DVDs, books, online videos, songs, toys, stories and they do put on a live shows for kids all over.

If you go to the Veggie Tales site, you will find so much to do there and I promise your child will be entertained.

On the main page, there are coloring pages to download and print for the kids as well. Check that out before you leave. 

Visit Petunia-Rhubarb on her page and there you also find games to print out, activities, videos and Petunia can even help you select an e-card greeting to send out if you need one.  Larry the cucumber helps too. 

There are many greetings that suit many occasions.  Just choose a colorful background, pick a greeting and Mom's and Dads, you may have to help out with the address, and press "send."  That's all there is to it.  

I did it and it's easy!  Nice cards.   

Oh and there's another thing there you can do.  You can watch a behind the scenes narrative trailer of the latest of the veggie tales movies out which is called "The True Light of Christmas."  

This entertaining video is narrated (and he plays a part too) by non-other than Uncle Si Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame.  

Uncle Si Robertson, Duck Dynasty

Si Robertson Duck Dynasty

Photo Courtesy of State Farm

So, if you aren't familiar with the Veggie Tales gang, you may find their brand of entertainment a valuable one.  At least give Petunia a visit.  She'll be very happy to greet you.  

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