Lots of Rhubarb-Trivia
Funny Rhubarb Facts

Interesting rhubarb-trivia bits and pieces that unfold from funny rhubarb-stories. When you take this into consideration, it hardly remains just a pie-plant. More like a very interesting plant with an almost mysterious background.

There is so much to know about this sour vegetable. It really does have quite an extensive background and unique rhubarb-stories and rhubarb-humor associated with it.

The origin of rhubarb is quite interesting in itself. Have a look.

So, we know you can dye an egg, dye hair or even make yourself a sweater with it. You can even use rhubarb fiber to make a nice homemade paper. You can also make a stepping-stone or a birdbath out of a rhubarb leaf.

But, did you also know...

A Bit of Cultural History

The word rhubarb comes from the Latin word "rhababarum" which means "root of the babarians."

The Romans labelled people who ate rhubarb "barbarians."

The Chinese were cultivating rhubarb as early as 2700 BC.

Ben Franklin Ben Franklin saw that seeds
were sent in the late 1700's to
the Quakers on the American East
Coast. (Thanks Ben!)

They called it the "Persian Apple" because it was thought to be an exotic fruit from somewhere in Asia.

The Russians took some rhubarb to Alaska in the 1800's because they thought it would protect the people from scurvy.

A Valuable Commodity

Over the 19th century, the tea and rhubarb market from China was flourishing.

Because of the reputation rhubarb had as possessing wonderful medicinal qualities, it became quite desirable to have on hand.

As early as the mid 1500's, it was much more expensive than the cinnamon in France. By the mid 1600's, rhubarb was double the price of opium in England.

There is some documentation attesting to the fact, that if you had the misfortune of being imprisoned, a little rhubarb knowledge could be as good as a "get out of jail free" card.

Apparently, a few lucky people passed on their medicinal knowledge to the "higher-ups" and were released because of it.

Rhubarb Provides Relief for Acid-Reflux


Rhubarb Cure for Hot-flashes Accompanying Menopause?

Note - Some computer graphics aren't picking up that these are actual movies - just tap the screen in the middle with your mouse if that's the case.

Those Crazy Kids
Rhubarb Eating Contest Challenge

Awww....Poor Baby Eating Rhubarb

Basic Rhubarb-Trivia
Vegetable Facts & Ironies

Rhubarb is a great substitute for cranberries because of the bitterness and the high acidity.

The redder the stalk, the sweeter the taste.


"If the stalk is green, it's not good."
(Not true, it is just a different type)

The Rhubarb Tart Song
By John Cleese of Monty Python Fame

Gatherin' Rhubarb

Some Interesting Facts on Quality Controlled Rhubarb

Roobarb & Custard, Popular 70's Cult Film Cartoons

More Ironic Rhubarb-Trivia Facts

Rhubarb was used to protect from gum disease, yet it could give you a terrible stomach ache.

It was given as a general overall tonic for whatever ails you.

It was given to children as a blood purifier, or to induce vomiting, and yet was a wonderful cure for constipation.

Rhubarb is capable of cleaning a burned pot and yet capable as well of ruining another depending upon the material the acids are acting on.

Rhubarb makes a wonderful dessert, yet the leaves can be made into an environmentally-friendly liquid strong enough to kill a variety of garden bugs.

Interesting Self Irrigated Rhubarb Discovered Recently

English Language and Vocabulary

There is controversy over which country the word "rhubarb" truly originated. There seems to have been great controversy between Britain and Germany in the 1400's.

The word "rhubarb" was also given a particular meaning. It also could mean "a very loud dispute" and it was used to simulate a noisy background crowd.

It was very common in the 1930's to use actors to repeat or mutter the word "rhubarb" continuously to provide radio sound effects.

In the 1940's, it became popular to associate the word with angry fans, team-players or umpires at sporting events.

I don't think anyone will ever know the true history, and I think some people just plain like using the word.

Maybe these people in the video below know something we don't. What in the heck were they thinking? Be prepared...

Meet Rhubarb the dog for a story that tugs at your heart-strings, but don't worry, it's a happy story thank goodness.

Speaking of the theatrical crowd earlier, rhubarb-trivia has a connection to the popular radio show, A Prairie Home Companion, which was also made into a popular movie.

Visit A Prairie Home Companion

Have you seen the movie "Rhubarb?" A popular 1951 movie centered around "Rhubarb" the cat, who has been left a baseball franchise by his rich owner. Gotta love those old movies!

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Rhubarb-Trivia Out of the Mouths of Babes Definition

I found this video that I thought was kind of cute. It's the song "Rhubarb Pie" sung by John-Fogerty of Creedence-Clearwater-Revival.

I wore out their albums in the 1970's, but it wasn't for songs about rhubarb back then.

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