The Amazing Rhubarb-Sisters

The rhubarb-sisters wow the crowds performing as the Ambassadors for Lanesboro Minnesota Rhubarb Festival and other area events.

Are these girls really sisters?  Not biologically, but they are "sisters" united in their love of rhubarb and belief in simplicity and the comforts of home-living. 

The group consisting of Peggy, Julie, Robin and Beth  formed in 2006 to promote Lanesboro.  Actually, the group began as a trio - Peggy being the original. 

They were approached by Garrison Keillor of "A Prairie Home Companion" radio show fame to perform in 2007 and since then they got a big taste of fame and some stardom.  They became more recognized and now perform quite a bit for many other local groups. 

They do what they love,
They love what they do

This singing group loves to ask of their audiences "who here has rhubarb in their freezers?" 

Responses they get almost always lean towards comments about Grandmothers and Moms serving up rhubarb in younger days.  In fact, it's this fruit they say more than any other that's thought of in this way.

The diversity of rhubarb is what appeals to these women and they want to make this a common thought amongst their audience. 

"Rhubarb means happiness, and happiness means home where good memories are created and comforting" they say.   "Happiness comes from your own back-yard." 

In other words, you don't need to search it out anywhere else.  You can find it at home and within your own community.  Just look for it. This what the rhubarb-sisters firmly believe in.

These ladies work so well together, and "work" is not work at all. They enjoy writing parodies about rhubarb and performing for an eager crowd in "rhubarb" style. 

You can spot them easily too with their signature vintage dresses with the apron over-top, and look at the shoes - high-top Converse running shoes, so appropriate in pink with green shoe-laces.

The chemistry between them is excellent, they genuinely like and enjoy each-other, and being together is just fun.

They take what they do seriously, but they don't take themselves seriously.  This singing act group are just a great bunch of women - a united voice in the end towards a common goal and it all comes together so well.  

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