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Any of your rhubarb-expertise in the garden can go a long way right about now. It's that time of year for many when some are scratching their heads wondering how to plan their garden beds, or are simply carrying on doing what they do best with their own best rhubarb gardening tips. 

Are you one of the lucky ones that have wonderful rhubarb produce every year?  

For me, it was hit and miss to start.  Not enough sun, no drainage.  Poor dirt, but great sun exposure, Wonderful soil for the rhubarb, but way too wet.  So many variables to deal with and trying to get just the right mix to cover every possible "problem" category sometimes was hard to do.  Some of the problems were extreme.    

First-time rhubarb gardeners would love to know what has worked for you in your area and what hasn't.  

I know I sure found out the hard way what happens in an area that is too shady and wet, and I lost a lot of my own rhubarb because of it.

Whether it's just getting started planting, or at harvest time, people have questions, and most of the time, they are related to where they live in different parts of the globe.

Getting my small rhubarb crown started in a container

Small rhubarb crown started in container


Here is the opportunity to do just that.

Give us the benefit of your knowledge. Any little bit, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you, will surely help out and inform someone else.

Non-gardening type articles related to rhubarb welcomed as well. We'll sift them out to appropriate categories.  

Your Rhubarb Expertise is Needed

What are your best

Do you have better luck with certain
rhubarb varieties as opposed to others?

Do you do things just a little differently
and get better rhubarb garden results?

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Rhubarb Deters Rabbits 
Gardeners say rhubarb deters rabbits from bothering the flower and vegetable gardens. We have moles which do terrible damage to the lawn by digging holes …

Red Rhubarb Promotes Good Health  
Red rhubarb promotes good health and actually has a place on the nutritional color-wheel encouraging overall healthy eating. Our bodies need a variety …

Is hot-house-rhubarb-preferred by you or do you prefer field grown rhubarb? Never thought much about this until I read up on the differences and apparently …

Rhubarb Garden Soil Gets Stale 
If the rhubarb garden soil gets stale and it looks like your plants are getting smaller, thinner, spindly and sparse, it might be time renew the dirt. …

Pickled Rhubarb 
Pickled Rhubarb Our neighbor, a very excellent Chef, says to pickle the rhubarb. If anyone is interested, I will get the recipe from him. Comment …

Shining Tips Makes Green Pesticide 
Pot shining tips makes a green pesticide too with your rhubarb leaves. Take the rhubarb leaves and place them in a big pot. Add three quarts of …

Keep Rhubarb Plants
Producing Longer!
Keep rhubarb plants producing longer. When your rhubarb plant sends up a tall stalk with a flower type end to it, this means the plant is "going to …

Grow Rhubarb Fast And Large 
I found that if you water your rhubarb plant every day the rhubarb will grow much faster and larger. In other words it needs LOTS of H20 every day. …

History as seen by a 4th Generation Australian Rhubarb Breeder/Grower
Rhubarb In Australia History as seen by a 4th Generation Australian Rhubarb Breeder/Grower Rhubarb Rheum x hybridum came to Australia from England …

Growing Rhubarb
In Southern California
In response to mixed opinions on the subject of what kind of rhubarb can be grown in Southern California - yes, it grew well until about 1990. This …

Rhubarb Shades Asparagus 
Rhubarb shades asparagus. We bought my great-grandfathers farm back after it had been out of the family for 50 years. The Mennonite woman who lived …

Winter Fertilizing Of Rhubarb 

Rhubarb Shows Promise
In Fighting Cancer
Rhubarb Shows Promise In Fighting Cancer United Press International 02-16-10 Rhubarb, especially when cooked, shows potential for killing or preventing …

Desperately Seeking Rhubarb In Florida 
I am desperately seeking rhubarb in Florida. I hail from Maryland. I moved to Florida 9 years ago. I made a mistake by not digging up some of my rhubarb …

Turning Green Rhubarb Red 
Is Turning Green Rhubarb Red Possible? Reading the different complaints about green rhubarb and noticing that most of the "experts" didn't have an …

How To Fertilize Rhubarb 
Fertilize your rhubarb with horse manure. Before I planted my rhubarb last week a local farmer was visiting and after viewing my efforts he insisted …

Preparation Of Ground Soil
For Rhubarb Is The Key
Preparation of ground soil for rhubarb is key. I find that my rhubarb gives good results year after year. I've established it more than once, always …

Rhubarb Loves Sun and Shade 
Rhubarb loves sun and shade, but how equally well I'm not sure. Too much of one and not enough of the other and vice-versa can't be good. I have not …

Feed Rhubarb Manure
And More Manure Again
Feed rhubarb manure and more manure again if you want a good crop. Twenty years ago I was in the 100 Mile House area of British Columbia, and I got …

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