Desperately Seeking Rhubarb In Florida

by Doris

Florida USA

Florida USA

I am desperately seeking rhubarb in Florida.

I hail from Maryland. I moved to Florida 9 years ago. I made a mistake by not digging up some of my rhubarb roots. I read on the internet it won't grow in Florida as it is too hot. I would at least like to give it a try.

I thought I would put it in a big pot.

I guess I can even grow it in my shed in the dark in the winter. My problem is, where will I get any roots? Is there anyone who will part with just one?

I would also go for some cut off, enough to make a pie or two.

Boy do I miss some of the things I had in Md. and can't have here.

I am willing to pay for any root or cut off I get.

God bless all of you lucky people enjoying rhubarb!

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I grew up with rhubarb and horseradish root. I miss both. If you would like to buy frozen rhubarb for the time, I get mine at Publix in the frozen food section.

My roots are WV & MD with deep German roots. I got some horseradish root & planted it while living Northwest of Gainesville. It grew a little but just one season and then died off. It didn't come back after that. Everyone told me it wouldn't grow in Florida. We don't have enough cold weather nor for a long enough time for these things to grow. As for horseradish, I just make do with the prepared stuff. Anonymous

Go to Home Depot or Lowes. They have plants.
John Brooksville

In 1994 and 1996, my husband planted rhubarb seed. It came up fine so we cut it while young and in small stacks . It didn't survive the following year . We never tried again. We found out later we were to leave the plant alone until the following year. Trying to purchase seed again but it wasn't available . I live on Marco Island FL. I too miss pies cakes and sauces. Anonymous

I am missing my rhubarb garden from New York. I
always kept a rhubarb garden at my house in New York and miss that wonderful taste. I am trying to locate rhubarb-seeds and will try growing them in my house if necessary. Has anyone tried that yet?

I used to grow rhubarb in Pennsylvania and I miss it too! It's very expensive when I see it at a produce market. Did anyone find the roots? What month? I'd sure try growing some in a pot. Very interesting post and good to see others miss it too. Jayne

Believe it or not I found some at Aldi. It is the same stuff that you get at Home Depot. It has three roots in a bag. Two of them are growing now. I did plant them late and should have had them in the ground 6 weeks ago. Anonymous

Regarding growing rhubarb in Florida, I don't believe that rhubarb will thrive or survive in the South. It needs a deep freeze. Anonymous

I got some at Home Depot in February or March. It has grown but I don't know if it will last through the hot summer. It is big enough to harvest but if you want it to continue to grow you shouldn't harvest it for a couple years. I'm in Sanford/Lake Mary area. Anonymous

I see that this thread is old, but just in case you are still looking I just found some at Home Depot in Orlando. I am guessing if they have it here they have it at others. Anonymous

I am in search and trying to find someone to mail me some rhubarb roots. Hopefully, I can get it to grow here in Florida. If I can find any and can share, I will post it and then I can get your address and send you some. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Anonymous

I want rhubarb too. I'm from Kansas and I sure do miss our rhubarb. Jules

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