Pair rhubarb-with-greek-yogurt combinations for better health, and a creamier texture for your taste-buds.

This type of yogurt seems to be a hit and a healthier alternative to your snacking and baking needs.  If you are a fan of the fruit bottomed yogurts, or use every-day sour cream in your rhubarb recipes you may want to consider switching brands altogether. 

Most of us have some brand of yogurt in the fridge for a quick snack mixed with other fruits and berries, or as a substitute for the fattier ingredients in recipes like cream, butter, margarine, oils, mayonnaise and sour cream.

I can think of a chocolate cake recipe I use that has a cup of mayonnaise in it, which the yogurt could substitute for.

Yogurt is more popular now than it ever was it seems. It has always been a favorite in my house with other family members, though personally, I was never much of a yogurt person myself, certainly not as a snack on it's own.  

I do like the Greek-yogurt though.  It just has a "feel" to it I guess is what appeals to me the most.  

"There's nothing wrong with the regular brands of yogurt, but why do people like the Greek yogurt so much?" 

It's multi-functional for one.  

It can be used to make great dips, as a substitute for the fatty ingredients in bars and squares and cakes - it can be eaten in many recipes for all main meals of the day and for a snack.   

Rhubarb-with-greek-yogurt is lovely for breakfast.  Mix with a little compote, berries and some nuts and you have a delicious simple breakfast treat.  

They like it because it has a richer taste.  They like it for the nutritional value which is important to health-wise shoppers and because it seems to be a good fit as an ingredient in cooking and baking in so many ways. It doesn't separate like sour cream can, and the cooks sure do appreciate that! 

Yogurt For A Healthy Breakfast

yogurt with berries

Greek yogurt is definitely more expensive than the regular brands but this doesn't seem to deter customers much.

They want it because it is creamy and custard-like, it's thick and has been strained to remove liquid (whey) unlike other yogurt brands.

It's definitely packed with protein, contains beneficial cultures to aid in digestion, contains vitamin D, and has less fat and sugar. There is plain or fruit flavored to choose from.  Those are pretty strong selling points.

Many large stores carry their own brand of Greek yogurt now and even larger companies like Dannon, Yoplait and Kraft have switched to the this brand of yogurt carried in the stores.  

Rhubarb-with-greek-yogurt works as a delicious  "dollop" on a plain pound cake, on a pancake
or as a sauce on your favorite fish fillet.

Next time shopping for yogurt?  Try the Greek style.  

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