Educational Rhubarb-Pie-Game
Introductory Cooking Tool 

Play the rhubarb-pie-game by joining Sara's Cooking Class. This is a great online visual for children to take part in by following the recipes they choose to make.

Do you have little Chefs and bakers in the family who love to learn how to cook and bake?  Always wanting to help Mom or Dad in the kitchen?  It's not an educational skill wasted.  

When I was a little girl, I used to love to make gingerbread cake for my family.  I know my Mom and my Grandmother sure liked it and I got pretty good at it with lots of help and practice.  

Back then though, it was all hands-on, watch my Mom cook and bake, or look at a book.  

We certainly didn't have free online video games to look at. Computers didn't exist with any kind of access to online educational software.

No, it would be years and years before "home" computers were available to my own family, unlike the children of today who are so computer savvy at such an early age.

So many "youngsters" now, know much more than we do, don't they?  I'm sure they will have no problem following along in Sara's cooking class and making this rhubarb pie recipe. 

This is a good little tool to use and something they may really have some fun with.

The rhubarb-pie-game is a recipe that goes from start to finish - from making the pastry crust by adding in all of the proper ingredients and letting it sit awhile, mixing up the rhubarb and strawberry filling to rolling the pastry, and baking it in the oven.  

Step by step, the ingredients are added to the bowl.  Just keep your eye on the little screen up top in the middle of the page, and it will guide your little baker on what to do next.

There was one step that took awhile to figure out I confess, but eventually I got it.  I'm sure it was just me though!  (I'm no youngster that's for sure)

Sara's cooking class series of "games"  is a great online educational library of tons of recipes actually.

You may want to search for some more things to "bake" after you've played this rhubarb-pie-game. 

You will have to turn your speakers down if you don't want to listen to the music that goes with it.  

Hope you enjoyed visiting Sara's Cooking Class.  

Have you heard of Veggie Tales?  Another great series with a twist that focuses on "moral" issues and messages to follow with your children.  Now there, you can meet Petunia Rhubarb and I believe there has been another "rhubarb" added to the veggie and fruit family too.   

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