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The rhubarb-blog is a great way to keep in touch with what interests you the most quickly and efficiently.

Don't miss the newest gardening tip or even the best recipe going I may have stumbled upon. If you enjoy a little humor or trivia, perhaps an extra culinary tip or two, we'll save you some valuable time. Connect with us and you will be the first to know with an RSS feed.

So sit back and let the rhubarb-blog bring it to you.

Rhubarb Collins Cocktail

We love this rhubarb collins cocktail for gin. It's a very nice light and refreshing summer-time drink that is quick and easy to make. A supply of simple

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Quick Rhubarb-Cherry-Turnovers, Tart Delicious Pastry Treats

Conveniently easy rhubarb-cherry-turnovers made with help from ready-made crescent dough

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Rhubarb-Scones With Cinnamon

I like cinnamon rhubarb-scones (any type) better than a piece of cake or a cookie as a treat. There's something about biscuits fresh out of the oven or

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Easy Spreadable Rhubarb-Curd From Heavy Puree

How to make rhubarb-curd for use as delicious topping for scones, pastries and much more.

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Christmas Rhubarb-Shortbread-Recipes Using Jam, Blueberries For Squares

Festive holiday rhubarb-shortbread-recipes make great use of compotes for delicious buttery deserts.

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Ingredient Substitutes for Alcohol in Recipes That You Can Make

Many recipes especially during the Xmas Holidays call for some type of alcohol. Don't skip the recipe if you'd rather not use booze!

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Rhubarb Can Add to Christmas Baking

Don't exclude your rhubarb. Mixes in beautifully with cranberries, makes excellent shortbread squares and even mincemeat pies.

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Rhubarb Margarita Cocktail

Refreshing Rhubarb Margarita Cocktail takes 15 minutes total preparation and cooking time. Not long to wait for this fabulous drink. If you haven't got

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Holiday-Baking With Rhubarb for Christmas, Rhubarb Dream Bars

Compliment holiday-baking recipes using rhubarb with figs, cranberries, streusel and more

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Christmas Rhubarb-Mincemeat-Pie Recipe Delivers On Flavor

Holiday season rhubarb-mincemeat-pie delights with rum, apples, currants and more. Traditional ingredients in this Xmas treat.

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Yummy Rhubarb-Cranberry-Recipes For Xmas Menu Main Dishes and Treats

Christmas time rhubarb-cranberry-recipes lovely for Cookies, Poultry, Cobbler

Continue reading "Yummy Rhubarb-Cranberry-Recipes For Xmas Menu Main Dishes and Treats "

Low Sugar Rhubarb-Flavor-Dry-Soda Healthier For Consumers

Rhubarb-flavor-dry-soda pairs well with basic and fine foods. A great mix for tasty vodka and dark rum cocktails.

Continue reading "Low Sugar Rhubarb-Flavor-Dry-Soda Healthier For Consumers"

Rhubarb Cinnamon Applesauce

Homemade rhubarb cinnamon applesauce can be made by anyone. It is so easy and doesn't call for anything special in the way of ingredients. You can use

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Cocktail or Jelly possibilities and more with Rhubarb-Vodka combinations and vodka liqueur.


Proclaiming National-Rhubarb-Vodka-Day

Newly designated national-rhubarb-vodka-day means celebrating a great combination flavor.

Continue reading "Proclaiming National-Rhubarb-Vodka-Day"

Rhubarb Cherry Sauce

This rhubarb cherry sauce recipe is adapted from Emeril Lagasse which he uses with a rice-stuffed turkey recipe. The recipe also calls for port wine

Continue reading "Rhubarb Cherry Sauce "

Frozen Rhubarb Puree

Make frozen rhubarb puree over the summer months and in the winter you will be very happy to have it on hand. When it's time to harvest, which can be

Continue reading "Frozen Rhubarb Puree"

Tasty Rhubarb-Dressing Adds Bite To The Holiday Bird

Rhubarb-dressing for the Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey works. Rhubarb stuffing pairs well with all meats.

Continue reading "Tasty Rhubarb-Dressing Adds Bite To The Holiday Bird "

Colorful Character Petunia-Rhubarb Of Veggie Tales Fame Provides Fun For Kids

Visit Petunia-Rhubarb and friends for games, activities, ecard greetings and much more.

Continue reading "Colorful Character Petunia-Rhubarb Of Veggie Tales Fame Provides Fun For Kids"

Rhubarb Deters Rabbits

Gardeners say rhubarb deters rabbits from bothering the flower and vegetable gardens. We have moles which do terrible damage to the lawn by digging holes

Continue reading "Rhubarb Deters Rabbits"

Educational Rhubarb-Pie-Game For Little Chefs And Bakers

Kid-friendly online rhubarb-pie-game with easy to follow steps. Good online tool for an introduction to cooking.

Continue reading "Educational Rhubarb-Pie-Game For Little Chefs And Bakers"

Macerated Rhubarb Recipe

Is a macerated rhubarb recipe the same as marinating the rhubarb? Some say yes, some say no. Maceration means to soften or break something into smaller

Continue reading "Macerated Rhubarb Recipe"

Combine Rhubarb-With-Greek-Yogurt To Consume Less Fat

Tasty rhubarb-with-greek-yogurt combos for better health, creamier texture

Continue reading "Combine Rhubarb-With-Greek-Yogurt To Consume Less Fat"

Rhubarb-Bitters By Fee Brothers Adds Aromatic Twist For Bartending Enthusiasts

Rhubarb-bitters for classic cocktails one more addition to list of fruity drink enhancers.

Continue reading "Rhubarb-Bitters By Fee Brothers Adds Aromatic Twist For Bartending Enthusiasts"

Share Your Best-Rhubarb-Recipe? Contributions Happily Accepted.

What is the best-rhubarb-recipe? Would you let us in on your rhubarb-family-favorite?

Continue reading "Share Your Best-Rhubarb-Recipe? Contributions Happily Accepted."


Harvest healthy rhubarb. Prepare amazing dishes using rheum-rhaponticum. Who knew?


Red Rhubarb Promotes Good Health

Red rhubarb promotes good health and actually has a place on the nutritional color-wheel encouraging overall healthy eating. Our bodies need a variety

Continue reading "Red Rhubarb Promotes Good Health "


Is hot-house-rhubarb-preferred by you or do you prefer field grown rhubarb? Never thought much about this until I read up on the differences and apparently

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Rhubarb-Garden, Planting and Growing Rhubarb

Starting a rhubarb-garden in your own backyard will prove beneficial for years to come. Rhubarb beds are fairly easy to maintain.

Continue reading "Rhubarb-Garden, Planting and Growing Rhubarb"

Visualize Wine-Barrel-Rhubarb Garden, Dividing Rhubarb Quickly

Video for wine-barrel-rhubarb clearly lays out steps to maintain new rhubarb growth and health.

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