Low Sugar Healthy Drink For Consumers

Rhubarb-flavor-dry-soda not only goes great with basic to elegant foods, it's a great mix for your vodka or dark rum cocktails.  You will recognize the tart taste of rhubarb easily when you first try it.

Rhubarb is just one of the many taste options from a list of natural sodas you can choose from.  

The Dry Soda Company,  privately owned and operated, originated in 2005 and is based in Seattle.  

It started from a desire to create a natural beverage that didn't contain so much sugar and was much healthier for consumers.  After a lot of hard work and rigorous taste-testing, the products were born.

The Flavor Line-up

In addition to the rhubarb variety, the other flavors to choose from include cherry, vanilla bean, apple and even cucumber to name a few. Ginger was recently added to the list.  

The best sellers are Vanilla Bean and Lavender.  The rest of the products are equally good sellers themselves. 

Dry Soda Company is always striving
to come up with new and exciting flavors.

Like to try rhubarb dry soda with a meal?  It pairs well with just about everything it seems from hamburgers to prime rib. 

12 oz of rhubarb dry soda contains no fat, no sodium, very minimal calories and sugars from pure can sugar equaling anywhere from 11 - 19 grams per bottle is the norm.

An Eco-Friendly Company 

The beverages come in cans as well and the company is actually quite active in being environmentally friendly. They use recyclables and try to keep business dealings as local as possible with the suppliers and vendors.  

They also practice being environmentally friendly within their own place of business by recycling paper, glass and plastics, and just generally work at keeping waste down in all of the departments at all times.  

The Dry Soda Line-up of Flavors

drysoda line-up of flavors

Photo Courtesy of Vesparado

You can find Dry Sodas in most grocery stores, hotels, large or small restaurants, or in bars.   

At one time they were only available in high-end restaurants, but eventually were offered to consumers at the retail level.  And that's good for us!

Currently, this product line is available in Canada, Hong Kong and the United States.

If you haven't sampled the rhubarb-flavor-dry-soda, do get some the next time you see it.  Or, just ask in your local grocery store and they can tell you if they plan to stock it. 

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