Pickled Rhubarb

by Sandy
(Big Sky, Montana USA)

Pickled Rhubarb

Our neighbor, a very excellent Chef, says to pickle the rhubarb. If anyone is interested, I will get the recipe from him.

Comment from Savor The Rhubarb - Would love any recipes you would like to contribute Sandy for this dish! Thanks for offering, and I certainly look forward to a recipe from a Chef!

There are a number of ways to make them, either very basic with just sugar and balsamic vinegar, in water to getting a little fancier with cloves, gingers, honey, plus quite a number of ingredients which can be added.

People love these pickles mixed in with their salads for that little bit of tangy-ness, or stuffed inside of meat dishes, like pork for example, to soften and soak up the flavor as they cook.

There are a variety of ways to use them. Or, maybe people just prefer the crunch of the rhubarb pieces of pickle straight from the jar.

Other Comments Submitted -

The age of my rhubarb plant is over 120 years old.
It was passed down from my Grandfather's Grandfather to the families and is now with me. I have a very deep red with green tastes, and it is delicious. Anonymous

Reply - Wow, that is one old chunk of rhubarb. I wonder if you have divided it numerous times? It's amazing how rhubarb seems to be introduced from our Grandparents for so many people. Good luck with your plant. I hope it lasts for another 120 years for future generations in your family to enjoy.

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