Keep Rhubarb Plants
Producing Longer!

by Sonia

Rhubarb plants produce better<br>without the flower stalk

Rhubarb plants produce better
without the flower stalk

Keep rhubarb plants producing longer.

When your rhubarb plant sends up a tall stalk with a flower type end to it, this means the plant is "going to seed." Just break this tall stalk off, tuck it under the plant and it will continue to produce all summer.

I got my last batch of rhubarb from a friend at the end of August! She just keeps breaking off the tall stalk when it grows.

Also, when you pick rhubarb be sure to tuck the leaves back under the plant next to the ground. My Mom always did this to put nutrients back into the soil.

Jane's Reply - Many people don't know what to do with that stalk when they see it. And, they throw it away elsewhere. The rhubarb leaves do give back to the soil in so many ways.

Thanks so much for reminding us not to waste those flower stalks and that not all is lost when you see one coming up.

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