Rhubarb Shades Asparagus

by Charmaine

Delicious Tender Asparagus

Delicious Tender Asparagus

Rhubarb shades asparagus.

We bought my great-grandfathers farm back after it had been out of the family for 50 years.

The Mennonite woman who lived here had asparagus planted around the rhubarb and it works out so great.

The aparagus is shaded by the rhubarb and is so tender and if picked early, is very light colored.

The asparagus will grow right up through the rhubarb leaves if they aren't picked so it gives me a push to tend the rhubarb!

We are in New York and I just started a new asparagus patch and will be adding some rhubarb!

Did I mention its great for keeping the asparagus weed free.

"A tribute" to Esther Lehman and the women before her"

Elizabeth's reply

Thank you for the tribute to these special ladies.

Yes, the rhubarb is also a good companion plant in the garden and can serve other purposes. Shading is just one of them.

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