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Learn the origin-of-rhubarb, where grown and varieties according to the history-of-rhubarb.

Ever wondered about the background of rhubarb?

I have discovered that this wonderful plant originated in Asia thousands of years ago. There are in fact sixty various species still in existence today.

Turkey rhubarb or also known as Chinese and East Indian rhubarb was primarily used for medicinal purposes. It still is used for that reason by many people today.

From the roots come powders and extracts which are apparently quite effective as laxatives. Large doses act as an astringent by cleansing the colon and clearing intestines of bacterias and other irritants.

English rhubarb also known as Garden and Bastard rhubarb have the same medicinal properties also, however in a much milder form.

Monks rhubarb grows in Scotland and Northern England and it too is used in a medicinal capacity. This type of rhubarb is however hard to find.

Who knew that originally rhubarb was intended as a remedy for constipation?

Commonly referred to as the rhubarb-pieplant, rhubarb is in fact a vegetable.

This is because of the particular kind of root family it belongs to. This was news to me!

It tends to be classified as a fruit and not a vegetable by people simply because of the unique taste and because it is commonly used in many delicious desserts.

Hothouse rhubarb is grown in the Northern states of the U.S.A.

Ontario Canada and the same northern U.S. states boast as being the proud producers of the high quality field grown rhubarb that some of us are fortunate enough to have in our own backyards.

I live in Ontario Canada and rhubarb has always been quite plentiful around here.

Researching the origin-of-rhubarb plants has been quite an eye-opener. It is amazing that after-all it is known for more than just being the pie-plant.

Care to try your hand at producing your own rhubarb?

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