The Menopause-Symptoms We Dread and Endure
Could Rhubarb Help?

Could menopause-symptoms sufferers get menopause-relief from rhubarb?

Did you know that a form of rhubarb-extract has actually been relieving hot flashes for women in some parts of the world?

Apparently it has been in the form of a special extract from the rhubarb root called ERr-731. Studies have been going on for some time in Germany, where incidentally, the root is actually listed and approved there as a remedy for constipation.

I heard about the possible significance of rhubarb for hot flashes a few years ago. A friend told me about it actually. She believes heavily in herbal remedies, and consults someone who deals specifically in this area for any ailments she has.

Well, the hot-flashes for me have subsided, thank goodness.

During that time though, I knew a lady who relied on a fan and a bowl of ice cubes for relief. She was truly debilitated and miserable over this. I guess I got lucky. I've just "ridden them out" over the years.

But, oh that heat!

Remember the tv commercial where the woman runs outdoors and jumps into a snowbank? Boy, could I relate to that.

Wear something comfortable for the night-sweats Ladies, and see this site.


I remember a time when it seemed like every hour on the hour during the work day, the hot-flashes would hit. For at least one solid minute, I was burning up from head to toe. And as fast as it started, it suddenly disappeared. Until the next one. But, I didn't ask my own Doctor about this rhubarb-extract. Don't know why not, just didn't. I got used to just gritting my teeth several times per day. I didn't search out any menopause-relief at all.

The common treatment for menopause-symptoms has been hormone replacement therapy. Just for the short-term though, due to studies that suggest it may increase the risk for heart disease or breast cancer.

The idea of course with HRT, as it is known, is to replace the estrogen the body is losing.

My Mother told me I might get too moody if I took it at all. So, I didn't do that either. I've just simply put up with it. But, as I said, I think I have it good compared to some.

So many in addition to the hot-flashes, experience horrible mood swings, insommnia, and night sweats so bad they literally have to change their bedding daily.


I couldn't resist this cute saying.

We have to find some humor through
all of this somewhere, right?

FACT: Over 80% of women are affected by the hot-flashes, and at least one in three experience them so badly that it severely affects their daily life.

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From Hormone Imbalance?

The Research Study

Needless to say, there is considerable interest in finding something that will help relieve the severity of menopause-symptoms, so that people can continue to cope normally on a daily basis.

The studies carried out by the researchers, took 109 women who were perimenopausal experiencing very frequent hot-flashes.

They were divided into two groups, with one group taking a pill which contained ERr-731 in the rhubarb-extract. The other half of the women were given a placebo. These ladies participated in the study for three months.

Of this group, the ladies taking the extract clearly reported less hot-flashes within the first month. The ladies who took placebos reported no change in their condition. There appeared to be no negative side effects in the group overall. Generally, the first group definately experienced menopause-relief.

Menopause solutions for a healthier life! This website addresses menopause symptoms like hot flashes, depression, anxiety, fatigue, weight gain, as well as menopause solutions, how to cope with this change of life and grow old gracefully.

It should be noted, that the special extract does not contain any estrogen, and that the researchers are not entirely clear on just what the extract does exactly.

Regarding the availability of this product where you live, you will have to consult your own Physician on this.

Wouldn't it be nice if something really significant for menopause-relief was developed for everyone to access anywhere to fight the menopause-symptoms that can be so agonizing for some?

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