Rhubarb in Orange Juice

by Glenyss
(New Zealand)

Rhubarb In Orange Juice

Wash stalks and chop into 2.5cm lengths (or near about). Grate the skin off several oranges and add along to their juice so as to nearly cover the rhubarb.

Using either white sugar or a sweetener such as sucralose (Splendor TM), sweeten to taste, then poach lightly until the rhubarb is tender and not yet mushy. Set aside to cool, and serve with whipped cream or plain ice-cream.

You can also add your favourite crumble or sponge topping and bake at 180C until golden.

This recipe is best with a good strongly coloured rhubarb like the variety I inherited when we bought our house in the early 70's. You get a lovely pinkish-orange juice, and you'll never eat rhubarb cooked in water again!

If you use the juice to make a jelly with a packet of blackberry or raspberry crystals (Jello in the US??) and add the rhubarb pieces before leaving everything to set, you get an amazing fruit jelly.

Elizabeth's reply

Rhubarb in orange juice is wonderful. The combination of rhubarb and orange is sensational and doesn't mask the rhubarb taste at all. Great idea to use the juice and make a jelly. These tastes blend together so well.

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