Proper Wine Storage Methods

Knowing how-to-store-wine preserves and avoids fluctuating-wine-temperatures. If you follow the basics of storing your wine, it stands less chance of going bad.

There are general guidelines for the preservation of any wine, and they are fairly simple guidelines to follow.

Wine should be stored at a constant temperature of 50-60 degrees. 55 is recommended. A bit more or less will not matter, but over 80 degrees will do damage.

Consistency is key.

Fluctuating-temperatures, especially high ones, encourages wine to be forced out through corks. Air is brought back into the bottle, and this promotes premature-ageing of the wine. Campden tablets added to your homemade wine when making it, should be working to slow this down already.

A cool temperature slows this process down. Likewise, high humidity levels will affect the corks which can promote mold.

Moderate humidity levels are best.

When using corks, it is recommended that wine be stored on its' side.

Keep the wine in contact with the cork.

This prevents the cork from drying out.

A cool dark place is best for storage.

Exposure to ultraviolet-rays and fluroscent light fixtures are not a good idea. They too promote oxidation.

Ever wonder why most wines are in dark glass bottles?

Ultraviolet-rays can penetrate the glass.

See the Video for Additional Tips

If you have to find some good alternatives to how-to-store-wine, at least place the bottles in a cardboard box or cover them with some type of heavy cloth.

A closet is a great spot to store wine for a number of reasons.

Not only would it be dark, but it would be free of high traffic and so less chance of being tripped over, bottles dropped and/or broken. A quiet area also means no vibrations.

These small details mean alot to keeping your wine in a good state.

Overall, wine is best stored alone.

It should be in a place where there is no debris or insects or anything else around to contaminate the cork, if a cork is what you are using.

Other smells can seep in, so close-by strong smells such as food should be avoided as well.

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