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Celebrating National-Pie-Day, which was created by the American Pie Council is reserved for January 23rd. But, celebrating pie on any day, is appropriate, right?

This council formed in the United States to preserve what they consider a tradition and a heritage to many people.

Now I have seen reference to this date as National Rhubarb-Pie- Day actually. I imagine those people were in fact true rhubarb pie lovers, but does it really matter? I think that whatever kind you like and choose to celebrate the day with is just fine.

All pies are good!

Did you know that the early Romans learned about pies from the Greeks? They didn't use crusts though as we know them. They used reeds which held the filling.

And, these pies were made from goat cheese and honey.

Meat pies appeared in England in the 12th century. The crusts at that time were referred to as "coffyn" and they held fillings made from fowl. The legs were in fact left hanging over the sides of the dish and used as handles.

That certainly brings a vision to mind.

Fruit pies and tarts began to appear in the 1500's. Queen Elizabeth 1 is actually credited with the making of the first cherry pie.

The Colonists, or first English settlers brought their pies to America. They referred to the crusts as "coffins" and they were not eaten. The only purpose of the crust was to hold filling. That changed during the American-Revolution, and the term "coffin" or "coffyn" was changed to "crust."

Pie has become over the years, a tradition and much loved dessert. So much so, that the American-Pie-Council created National-Pie-Day specifically to honor and celebrate it, and keep the love for pies alive.

A National Pie Championship is even sponsored, and the best cooks from Canada and the US compete for the Best Pie in America Award.

And so, the Council encourages all to promote and dedicate this day to indulging your friends, family, co-workers or even a total stranger with the gift of one of the worlds best mouth-watering desserts.

Now if you should find yourself in a contest,
here's how it's done!

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