How To Preserve-Rhubarb For Future Use

How to preserve-rhubarb or refrigerate rhubarb after harvest is fairly simple. Nice to have lots on hand!

You must keep it cool right after it has been cut. There are a number of ways to do this. Keep your stalks wrapped in plasic and in the refrigerator until you know. But do not keep it here longer than a few weeks. Refrigerated-rhubarb won't last forever.

Freezing-rhubarb works very well. This would be the ideal time to chop it into pieces and put into bags. I cut them into one-inch pieces. This seems like a good size to me.

You can put them into any size bag and pre-measure the amounts if you prefer. Make sure the bag is sealed tightly. I have used rhubarb always within six months, so I am not quite sure exactly how long it will keep.

Some people pop the pieces into boiling water for a moment first, and then secondly into cold water. Apparently this will retain the color and tone down the acids a little bit. If you do this, drain well before bagging.

Another way to store your rhubarb is to put the raw pieces into containers with a syrup over them.

The syrup is a combination of water and sugar, or water and honey. You can use corn syrup mixed with water as well. This all adds sweetness. The combination is a half and half mix of each.

Fill the containers to within a 1/2 inch from the top. Seal tightly and pop into the freezer.

You may choose to puree your rhubarb first. Boil the pieces for a few minutes. Let it cool, and then put through a sieve. It may have to be pressed through.

For each quart of puree, add approximately one cup of sugar. Pour into containers and leave a space near the top, seal tightly and freeze.

Don't forget to label your containers.

Whichever way you preserve-rhubarb, I am sure it will work well. I prefer to just cut it up and freeze it. When I take it out, it is just as crisp and colorful as the day I put it in there.

Regarding freezing-rhubarb, I have found that people in fact have varying opinions on how long to keep frozen rhubarb. There is a general consensus though of 1 year in the freezer as long as the bags are absolutely airtight.

Hope this helps in deciding how to preserve the fresh produce yearly.

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