The rhubarb-auction-soaps listed can serve a number of purposes.

You may find bath oil, and giftbox soap samplers, candle soap, and handmade soy-wax-tarts. All items are heavily scented. There is even a pecan-rhubarb scent available sometimes.

There are liquid soaps made with olive-oil.

A good exfoliating-soap is made from oatmeal. It makes a good moisturizer from the lather too.

There may be a spring cleaning kit available that is scented with the sweet smell of rhubarb from time to time.

The items update continuously, and sometimes there may be more items to view, and sometimes alot less. You just never know.

Check back for updates to be sure you don't miss out on a type of soap you like.

Be sure to click on the bottom left of your screen for this option.

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