A Rhubarb-Tanning-Agent
Audi Looks At Leather Dyed by Rhubarb

Looking for the most all-natural products, a rhubarb-tanning-agent for vehicle interiors for leather-dye has been considered by Audi.

Whether this has been in fact used, I can't be sure.

The point is, methods of eliminating waste are taken very seriously, and the rhubarb roots were being looked at as a possible resource to tap into. Quite an interesting project.

Substances from indigenous rhubarb roots can be used in the process of dyeing and tanning leather. This method does not create pollution and waste products.

Chromium-salt has been the tanning agent of choice for many many years, but because it produces tons of metal residue, it has been banned.


Audi was therefore prompted to research other ways and means to use a metal-free-dye process. This was a much more environmentally friendly concept for their company to consider.

Strict quality measures are taken when producing natural products. The process is equally as important as the testing done for products that are synthetically produced.

Any kind of all-natural materials must pass a series of endurance tests as well, including the effects of light, humidity and air on those materials.

All kinds of climate changes must be taken into account during the testing stage. There are rigorous stress tests done on the material as well. Aroma is an important factor too.

Enough land for the specific use of cultivating rhubarb produced sufficient preserving amounts of this tanning agent for Audi.

At the time of the research, there was certainly not enough VOLUME product of the rhubarb root substances to meet the demand for this all-natural tanning agent.

But, it was clear that the cultivation demand could be achievable in time if desired.

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