The Use of Effective-Molluscicides
Reducing Slugs and Snails

Using effective-molluscicides like diatomaceous-earth will take care of the too many snails and slugs in your garden.

The methods needed to rid your garden of slugs and snails are not the same as commonly known pesticides.

These animals, known as gastropods, not affected by the chemicals made to control insects.

Insecticides just don't work!

What does work, are substances known as metaldehyde-bait. They come in the forms of pastes or gels, or in granular form.

Metaldehyde products shouldn't be used around around edible crops, but are great for ornamental plants.

The body of the slug is severely irritated when coming into contact with metaldehyde. They usually die from loss of water because they secrete so much mucous, and simply stop moving.

This brings to mind another reason that slugs will avoid certain materials that will dry them out literally to death.

These materials are chalk-like soft rock substances that easily crumble into powder and are referred to as diatomaceous-earth. This substance serves a number of purposes, and one in particular is for absorbing liquids.

It is the kind of material that is used to make cat litter.

Now you can well imagine why a slug would avoid getting anywhere near this.

To have good results with metaldehyde-bait, a number of conditions should be in order first.

Since slugs don't move much when it is cool, use on a warm evening, no rain, and the forecast for the next day is very warm and dry. Spread the bait under the leaves where slugs are attracted.

Keep away from pets.

Metaldehyde is hazardous to a dog. Iron-phosphates are not hazardous to your pets though, and this is another form of effective-molluscicides to try. The good news about thi substance, is that it is safe for your edible plantings.

Some people find that diluted household ammonia spray is effective as well as another type of molluscicide. It has a very limited range of effectiveness however, and must be sprayed directly onto the slug.

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