A Rhubarb-Auction-Prairie-Home-Companion

The rhubarb-auction-prairie-home-companion items listed are indeed a must-see for devoted fans of Garrison Keillor and his troupe.

If you are not familiar with this famous and popular show, but maybe you have heard alot about it,

take a look here

and then pop back if you like.

When you hear beboparebop rhubarb pie, you should immediately be reminded of this show, having seen the movie, heard it on the radio, or been part of a live audience. It is always mentioned as a "sponsor" and the Prairie Home Companion variety show uses rhubarb festivals as a popular venue.

There are many items that may interest you if you are a fan, or simply interested in knowing more about it. There are folk-song-books, DVD movies in various formats, CD song-sets, and Anniversary Collection sets too usually to choose from.

Some lucky people may pick up on live-show-tickets.

I hope you are able to find something of interest here.

Be sure to click on the bottom left additional items if the opportunity is there to see more, and enjoy having a look around.

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